Sign Me Up For Sex Jasmine Brooks Danny D full video

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Sign Me Up For Sex Jasmine Brooks Danny D

Danny D and his wife just moved into a new house, so they go to their neighbor’s house to introduce themselves. The father and his college-aged daughter, Jasmine Brooks, welcome the couple with open arms. The next day, Danny spots flirtatious Jasmine through his kitchen window, Danny gives a little wave, but Jasmine has other things on her mind… Brunette Jasmine pulls up her little top and flashes Danny her perfect, perky tits! The next day, Jasmine puts her plan into action. When she spots Danny through the window again, she holds up a sign and begs him to come over and fuck her. Danny sneaks out while his wife isn’t looking, creeps past Jasmine’s dad, and jumps into bed with his not-so-sweet new neighbor!

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Sign Me Up For Sex Jasmine Brooks Danny D
Sign Me Up For Sex Jasmine Brooks Danny D

Filthy Brit Jasmine Brooks is a smokin’ hot redhead who can harden cocks with just one shake of her fiery tresses and voluptuous figure. The beautiful bisexual’s striking features and trademark red lips will leave a lasting impression on every porn enthusiast, while Jasmine’s fun personality makes her scenes even more pleasurable to watch. When the thicc babe isn’t busy getting banged on set, she enjoys socializing and eating Chinese food, and she can also do a neat party trick – waggle her ears! Although there is no denying that Jasmine’s most impressive talent is waggling every last drop of cum from rock-hard dicks. Sit back and enjoy all-natural stunner Jasmine working those mouthwatering curves in the videos below!

He may be one of the biggest male talents in the porn game now, in more ways than one, but funny British stud Danny D still doesn’t take his success too seriously. A contract star and producer for some of the biggest studios in the adult film industry and recipient of the 2017 AVN award for Male Foreign Performer of the Year, Danny still describes himself as “Just a skinny boy living the dream!” And what a dream it’s been. Danny went from what he describes as a totally average life back in England to working with the hottest women in porn, traveling all over the planet, and even seeing a dildo molded from his massive, 10 inch cock hit store shelves so that babes everywhere in the world can get the patented Danny D fucking they’ve seen on screen. Even after more than a decade in the industry, Danny’s ambitions continue to aim for the stars… literally! Danny says with a laugh, “I would love to shoot the first scene in space… Think of the cumshot!”