A Foursome Fuck Andi James Summer Hart Alice Marie Air Thugger

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A Foursome Fuck Andi James Summer Hart Alice Marie Air Thugger

Alice Marie has invited her man, Air Thugger, over for dinner to meet the family. Her new stepmom, Summer Hart, and their neighbor, Andy James are already having a perv out party at the table. Andi’s hands are busy, and quickly slip Air Thugger’s dick out his pants. Alice can tell these hussies are up to something and steals Air Thugger away for some action of her own. Summer can sense the sex behind closed door and halts it mid-fuck to snag Air Thugger away for some sneaky kitchen penetration. Andi keeps six with her fingers in her pussy and her eyes on the prize. When dad rolls through the kitchen, they conga line the party into the bedroom for a crazy threesome. Alice finds Andi and Summer scissoring and can’t fight feeling left out, so she jumps in. One more pussy makes it a foursome.

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A Foursome Fuck Andi James Summer Hart Alice Marie Air Thugger
A Foursome Fuck Andi James Summer Hart Alice Marie Air Thugger

Soft-spoken Alice Marie is proof that the old saying is true: it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for! This natural redhead says she’s “fun size” at only 4’8″ tall, but is an expert at fellatio and will ride a dick like no other. Alice may not be loud, but her stunning perfect big tits and beautiful face draw every eye, and she confesses that she likes attention! Turn up the volume to make sure you don’t miss a single moan as you watch her scenes now.

Bisexual Texas babe Summer Hart loves it when everything is bigger. One of this lone star’s talents is holding almost anything between her big boobs with no hands! Summer will make you sweat with her love of group sex and glory holes, and keeps her beach bod ready with gardening, hiking, and yoga. All that activity has left Summer with a bumping booty, so whether you prefer tits or ass, Summer’s got a little something for everyone. Check out one of Dallas’ best homegrown talents, Summer Hart, in the scenes below!

Stunning redhead MILF Andy James is having way more fun in her fifties than most people do in their twenties! This former Bostonian decided after her divorce, she was done putting herself last, and it was time for Andy to get everything she’d always wanted. The first item on her list was to head south, where this busty babe devoted herself to having fun in the Florida sun. As she started to get back in touch with her true desires, Andy soon realized what was missing from her fabulous new life: cock! This cougar has learned her lesson when it comes to settling down with just one guy, though, and Andy found herself looking for the best way to sample all the biggest and best dicks she could. Before long, she was filming her first ever porn scene! It’s clear from watching her that this mature stunner has transformed into the kind of woman who knows what she wants and goes for it, and it’s making for some of the hottest scenes ever! Check out Andy’s nonstop sex party now.

Tall and hung hunk Air Thugger cannot be out thirst trapped. This SoCal stud honed his skills taking selfies in the fitting room back when he worked retail, and by night he sent out nudes so good that one of the ladies he was texting told him he should start getting paid for them. Air Thugger is one of the best-dressed guys in the game, and with his huge dick that makes an appearance as an eyecatching bulge in all his outfits, he’s sure to have all the thots thirsting after him!